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The ⚡️AMP program is designed to help you make the most out of your new App technology. Whether you have a Full Profile or your own Expert App, this program is here to help you overcome the learning curve with content creation, accelerate your business with marketing mastery, and get a big business boost while learning from experts in design, photography, videography, sales and marketing.

Content Creation

Get help creating your App/Profile content and attract new clients to you and your business. Learn content post timing and how to maximize growth.

Marketing Mastery

Learn educational marketing, and how to nurture your clients both on and off your App/Profile. Pre-educate and deliver real value to your viewers.

Business Boost

Learn strategies for client conversion through proper branding, design, content creation, marketing, sales funnels and conversations that convert.

Features & Benefits

E-Community Groups & Forums

Facebook-level functionality (Activity, groups, friends & messages + status updates, interests, favorites, achievements & more!)

Group Video Calls

Monthly video calls to inspire collaboration & networking, to announce new features or debut new products, to share your App goals & answer your tech questions

Trainings & Interviews

Monthly Featured Success Stories, Expert Interviews & Training videos

Get Inspired

Tips, Tools & Inspiration from experts/peers (& share your own!)

Find Experts & Peers

Connect with Peers, Experts & Coaches for support & collaboration

Goal-Planning Tools

Create, Track, Share & get support around your App & Business Goals

Rewards & Discounts

Rewards for goal-planning, group activity, sharing, support & more

App Portals

Setup (or add content to) your Full Profile or Expert App


App/Profile trainings, tutorials & resources


Get answers to your questions in our Support Forum & FAQs


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What Others Have To Say...


"A huge support... I highly recommend their services!"


"They work so well at eliciting transformation"


"Money well spent... they know their stuff!"

“Recently I had the privilege of travelling to Costa Rica on a trip organised by the App Bros. as part of the development of the PDA App. Trevor Thomas and Travis Richardson were part of the organisational team. Both these men are exceptional in their own way. Trevor is quiet, unassuming and hovers in the background. Do not be deceived by this. Trevor is brilliant, educated and a visionary. He led a workshop on the last day. Developing this workshop came from noticing a need in all the retreats/workshops/support groups that he had been a part of. He noticed that at the end of these events, people would be feeling good about what they received. However, there was no process or method to sustain the learning and the ‘take-aways’. He wanted to help people learn how to maintain and continue the learning that occurred Trevor developed a workshop and set up a three pronged-approach to sustain the learning and the benefits. This in itself speaks so much to his strengths. I haven’t even talked about his graphic designing. He knows intuitively what you are looking for. The many people, including myself, who have worked with him are very pleased with the outcome. Trevor is knowledgeable and up-to-date with technology; he is always helpful in getting me over bumps I hit along the road of becoming knowledgeable in technology. Trevor is personable, friendly and a great person to work with. Travis brings two important facets together. He is incredibly knowledgeable in the field of health and wellness. He has studied and practices many disciplines within the contemporary healthcare field. He is entrepreneurial, bringing a wealth of business knowledge and experience into marketing, creating funnels, and creating content. He is passionate in everything he does including parenting his two children. Both Trevor and Travis are heart-centered, compassionate men. They care about the people they work with and feel a personal commitment to helping them and supporting them. I have felt this from both of them in my business connections with them. But now we also have a personal connection, which I am grateful for.” ~ Joy Seunarine

“Trevor has played a significant roll in bringing out the courage in me. His support ranges from inspiration, encouragement, helpful techniques and technical expertise. His organization and facilitation of frequent support group meetings keeps me on track, connected and feeling he’s always got my back. Thanks Trevor!” ~ Cathy Gagliardi

How to Join

⚡️AMP comes FREE with the AMPx Event, an Expert App or Full Profile in our Community Apps: