App Profit Model 6-wk. Course


This course teaches you how to profit from the fastest growing and most engaging marketing platform in the world… MOBILE APPS!!!

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The course is a 6-week mobile app and digital marketing training on making a consistent monthly income and launching your own mobile app! This is perfect for anyone who would like to add our Expert App Platform to their list of offerings. A dynamic mobile app is applicable for any coach, author, speaker, consultant or online small business owner! There is immense value in being able to present this to colleagues in the best way and get the people that need an app over to us. We teach you how to be an effective promotional partner and there is a great incentive for you to learn because you will get $1,000 from each referred app sale! This is also a great way to earn an app for free through successful referrals! In short we teach how to best translate our main message as an app company
We have cracked the code on making it possible for small business owners to use their own mobile app without being a tech wizard or spending a fortune
What is the best part of this course? With qualified participation you will either make money or have yours refunded back to you! 
*Qualified participation – Three of your referrals get on the phone with us regarding an app sale

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