Sales Coaching Session


This isn’t your ordinary sales training. Kiernan has developed his own unique and extremely successful sales method.

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Kiernan was ranked in the top 1% of sales consultants at Godaddy and has sold his ideas as a conscious entrepreneur. After working at Godaddy for only three months he was already coaching veterans of the company on sales and the workbook he created. He is a Co-Founder of Onfire Marketing and the Natural Living App. His sales method is a culmination of several powerful elements. He is a natural-born salesman, he has extensively studied Jordan Belfort’s straight line sales method, he received advanced training at Godaddy, he has studied the Kellog sales training course (the most renowned sales training in the world) and he has recently been learning about high-level sales through Iman Aghay’s Inspirational Speakers Master Class.

  • 1-hour call with 30 minute follow-up

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