AMPx Virtual Event – Day 2!

Posted on April 4, 2020

Today is our 2nd day of our amazing Virtual Event about how to transform your business using Mobile Apps! You can still join now, and get all the info FREE, plus recordings of everything you missed.

If one, you have a business that can benefit from online marketing and two, you need to figure out ways to make money and be more effective in your business right now.

Go here for details:

  • Apps get an Opt-in rate of 70 – 80% vs. email avg opt-in is 1.95%
  • Apps get an open rate of 80%+ vs. email open rates of 15% – 20%
  • Apps get a click-through rate of 40% – 60% vs. email click-through rates are 3% or less

In addition, I have a goal to generate passive income in 2020 using the following technologies and strategies:

  • E-courses
  • Membership Programs
  • Viral Marketing Digital Products
  • Sales Funnels and Content Summits
  • Affiliate and Collaborations

During this event, Robert will show you a VERY affordable solution to moving your business into the mobile app space. You’ll find that the faster you learn to adopt technologies like mobile apps, the more ahead of the curve you will be.

Register for the – AMPx: How to Reach and Teach 10 Times More Clients Using Mobile Apps – now and get ready to make a bigger impact!