What is a Static App vs. a Dynamic App?

Posted on August 28, 2019

This is a very important distinction between types of apps that people offer in the marketplace because it ultimately decides whether an app will be successful and effective or have no value and result in a loss of money. Let’s drill down the two types of overall apps:

  • Staticthis is an app that was designed to NOT change in content or user experience. It’s like having a digital brochure or website without any real value to come back to the app to experience “new” things in the app. The problem with these apps is they may convey a message but they will be ineffective because they do not bring back people to the app to connect and interact with your business, content or you because once you see it there is nothing more to see after.
  • Dynamic this app interacts with a database so when a person opens the app it pulls into the app the current content or updates. This means that a person opening it in a couple days may see new content they can’t see today, therefore giving them a reason to come back to the app. Any app that people visit often will be dynamic. The is the type of app you want.

The reason why people go with static apps is because they tend to be “cheaper” to create or build. Most “template” apps are this way… they may connect off to a web page to appear like there is something new and fresh but that is not the a good way to provide a good user experience to inspire people to return to your app.

The more you can have your content built into the app as opposed to visiting content outside the app via a web view the better experience your app will be for it’s users and the better results you’ll get.

In AMP and AMPx we teach you how to create dynamic content and entice engagement with the users of the app. We ONLY create dynamic apps so results can be produced from using apps as a marketing tool.