EZcard – What Competition?

Posted on November 22, 2019

To learn more about EZcard technology, watch this short video (see Vimeo Link) that we affectionately refer to as our What Competition video.  Below you can also read the background for EZcard technology. You may also get my own personal EZcard. Just text EZ to 64600, or go to https://ezcard.com/ez.

Welcome to EZcard! I’m Dr. Greg Sanders, or “Dr. EZ.” For 30 years, I was a university sociology professor, teaching both in the traditional program (18-22 year olds) and the adult degree-completion program (25-70 year olds). I loved people and communities, and I still do! EZcard technology has massive potential to bring the “lightning speed” and “affordability & convenience” of smart phone apps to people, businesses, groups, and communities.
When I saw “digital Business cards” in 2012, my daughter Loralyn was 19 and due for her second heart valve replacement. I was looking for a business she could use to support herself since she didn’t have the energy or stamina for an 8-12 job. She was smart, loved her cell phone and computer, however, and EZcard was born! Along with her crazy daddy (me), Loralyn was the heart and soul of EZcard until August 7, 2018, when she passed away in the night from a sudden heart arrhythmia (fatal timing misfire) at the age of 25. Since her valve replacement went so well, this was totally unexpected, and it was virtually devastating. With the help of many, many friends, and a loving God, we started piecing our lives back together.

Loralyn Dedication Video

Watch Dedication Video

On October 7, 2018, our youngest son, Dellon (22) died in a fatal accident at our home, which might have been self-induced by mental illness. We had no suspicion that he might have psychosis or schizophrenia until it was too late. Once again, we found our lives in a tailspin, but we have slowly been recovering, again, with the help of God and friends. We have also developed a laser focus on helping people with EZcard. We also lost a son, Darren, in 1991, from leukemia, so we now have lots of reasons to help people, and several angels in heaven!

EZcard has now become our vehicle for helping the world, and we see how it is enabling so many people and groups to promote their passion and their message on smart phones, including helping Gold Star families, non-profits, schools and churches and houses of faith, real estate and insurance, small business people, corporations, speakers and authors, musicians, and so many others. As a web-based technology, we hope to go global with our vision!

The mission of EZcard is to empower and elevate all people, groups and communities with affordable, innovative smart app technology and automation. It can help you to share your passion, your message both virtually and virally, with the world!