The 7 Steps to Help Your Pets When You Are Stressed

Posted on April 7, 2020

In troubled times, our pets are the innocent victims of all the negativity running rampant in our world today. Pets can sense the turmoil in the atmosphere but they won’t understand the big picture Naturally,  they look to you for strength and comfort. You spend more time with your pets than anyone else so they need your positive energy right now more than ever.

The majority of the messages I am communicating with pets during sessions right now is that of reassurance and letting them know they are safe and loved.

Many pets have picked up on their human’s stressful energy and to them, it feels like the sky is falling or the life they know has turned upside down. Pets feel especially helpless because they feed off of your energy and if all you do is take in the negative news or scary headlines it is absorbed by your pets.

Below are seven simple steps you can do right now to help you be a strong and confident leader to your pets and to help them stay grounded and calm:


The 7 Simple Steps to Help Your Pets During Troubled Times:

  1. Stay grounded and centered by adding powerful positive affirmations each day to your thoughts such as, “I am safe. I am powerful. I am in control of my well-being. I will get through this safely.”
  2. Keep a positive image in your mind of what you want not what you DON’T WANT for your pets. Pets can read your mind and your stressful energy and thoughts will confuse them and cause them unnecessary anxiety. Think calm, peaceful, loving thoughts.
  3. Play with your pets more! Your pets will love it and you will benefit from the exercise and the simple pleasure of seeing them so happy.
  4. Keep their routine as normal as possible – especially for ill or elderly pets. Your scent is reassuring so give them a t-shirt or towel you have recently used.
  5. Get creative – Use empty boxes to make a fun fort with doors and windows for your cats, make foil balls for them to chase, or pipe-cleaner toys.
  6. Teach your pup a new trick or work on good manners with your dog
  7. Tell them out loud how much you love them and picture them in your mind as being safe and happy. Be extra patient and try not to lose your patience with them. Pets tend to get very needy when you are stressed.


Remember, your departed pets and human loved ones are always near especially during difficult times. Let them know you want their support, love, and guidance and ask for signs they are near. Now more than ever, they want you to be healthy, happy and live the best life you can.



Karen Anderson is the CEO and founder of Animal Communication Planet, an intuitive and spiritual growth center, and Business is Booming Now, a business development center for entrepreneurs to launch their dream business.

She is also an award-winning Afterlife Expert and coach with over 23 years of experience helping clients start their Animal Communication journey.  Karen is an award-winning and #1 international bestselling author of ‘The Amazing Afterlife of Animals’ and ‘Hear All Creatures’.


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