Posted on April 3, 2020

Driving Innovation. Sharing influential ideas. Trailblazing change.

And, most importantly, being a highly trusted source of sought-after information and guidance.

These are the trademarks of a powerful Thought Leadership.

Developing a strong and dynamic platform of influential Thought Leadership elevates the capacity to motivate transformation, raise social consciousness, and generate impact for your business. But, there’s much more to it than proclaiming yourself as a Thought Leader.

By mastering four foundational essentials, you can generate forwarding movement, establish yourself in the marketplace, and elevate creditability for your work and your business.

  1. Strengthen Your Brand Image

Personal brand building is the first integral step to securing your position as an influential Thought Leader. You must define a strong identity and determine how you will position yourself. Your personal brand will need to convey your credibility and authority.  It will determine how your audience engages with you, define the significant answers you provide, clarify the solutions that can be expected from you.

You can begin to define a brand image by creating a simple narrative – a succinct brand statement that defines you, your role, your expertise. Your brand statement should encapsulate your strengths, as well as, the depth of your skills and experience.

  1. Define a Strong Public Profile

Content of your brand narrative can be used to optimize your social media profiles, biography, interview profile, speaker introduction, more. To create a cohesive brand image means you can clearly articulate your message and what you stand for in a way that directly engages your core audience.

  1. Create Multi-Media Content

Once you have built a brand identity and a strong public profile, you will need to develop your Thought Leadership through the creation and distribution of multi-media content – digital courses, published books, articles, media interviews, podcasts, more. It’s essential to consistently approach relevant topics in a way that uniquely distinguishes you in the marketplace.

  1. Connect with Other Influencers

Fostering positive relationships with fellow Thought Leaders can help you to enhance your creditability and your influence. Though in the beginning it may not feel natural, practice stretching to expand your network. The more extensive it is, the more visible you will become, which will naturally enhance your credibility. You can complement your online efforts by attending live events and conferences. Every connection with influencers can easily result in speaking opportunities to bolster your position as a multi-media Thought Leader.