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Kiernan Richardson




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Co-founder of the Natural Living App


I am passionate about spreading the messages of holistic health providers and changing the perspective of the world on how to be healthy and treat illness. I have learned of the most effective ways to use marketing, and I am actively sharing this information with the individuals whose messages I want to help grow. I recognize that the most needed information in the world today is instruction on how to live a healthy happy and strong life.

I am the perfect example of the increasing sickness in the world today. I am also a great example of the power of the free internet because I have found the solutions to my 30+ conditions. After thousands of hours of research, I have created a health method that is the culmination of my knowledge on wellness and my answer to the growing health crisis.


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Making Money with Apps, Viral Marketing & Tracka'Products, Effective Special Offers & Call-To-Actions, Sales Conversations that Convert, Video Content Creation, Develop a Mindset for Success, Coaching, Mentoring & Accountability, Membership Programs, Tech Support


App membership services, technical support, event planning, and Rewilding coaching