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Creator of Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel


Kimberly Hobscheid is an award-winning international inspirational public speaker, best-selling author, audiobook producer, six-time entrepreneur.

She is the creator of Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel, an active community of Entrepreneurs, looking to contribute, connect and grow with other entrepreneurs.  Her vision is to inspire all entrepreneurs, to achieve their genius, in whatever way that is.
Kimberly, is the mother of two and an adventure seeker, who has hiked sections of the Pacific Crest Trail, navigated Class IV rapids with one of Costa Rica’s female Olympic medal-winning whitewater champions, sailed down the coast of Mexico on a 42-foot Yankee Clipper, and traversed 200 miles on horseback through Canada’s Jasper National Park.  Her motto is “live life out loud”

My Passion Is...

Kimberly has been a guest speaker in cities worldwide, inspiring people to get to where they want to go.

She helps business owners and entrepreneurs develop and share the story of their business with wider audiences by delivering it on stages.
Her specialty is turning dreams into reality.


Offering Support in...

Effective Special Offers & Call-To-Actions, Sales Conversations that Convert, Leveraging Live-Streaming, Develop a Mindset for Success, Coaching, Mentoring & Accountability, Collaboration (& Joint-Ventures), Merchandise Your Message


If you are not being seen, you are being overlooked.  If you are not using your voice, your message is not being heard.  If you are not being understood, your message will not resonate.


We only have so many go-arounds on this planet.  You have to do what you love and make the impact you are here to make.


“Don’t die with the music inside you.”